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Planting wards can drastically change the game’s flow. The question that plays in my head when in a match is “At what point in the match is an appropriate spot to put down a ward that will maximize it’s effect?” This topic is one that I’ve been wanting to discuss for a long time, because anyone can lay a ward at any spot they’d like to.

Before I get into my post, I’d like to say that this is merely a topic that I would like to have a discussion about. My goal is to receive feedback from others warding techniques, and how they work for them. I’m only going to talk about my favorite ward spots and my reasons behind them. Please feel free to comment to share yours (make sure to reference the grid that I made!).

For now, lets assume I’m not laning middle.

Early game laning phase

If one of my team members is going to solo in our “jungle” side lane, I like to place a ward in a spot where it will protect them from a gank. If the either runes have been warded by the 2 minute mark, I will wait till mid turns level 6 to plant the ward.

Legion – (K,14) Grants vision of the rune, and prevents getting ganked from one of the enemies going around the trees. This spot is a common spot to ward.

HB – (D,6)
Mid game: Ganking phase

If they have a jungler, I like to shut them down as fast as possible (like most HoN players would). I’m a big fan of placing wards all over their forest. Not only does it allow my team to properly execute a gank in the forest, but it lets me know how hard they’re farming. Also it allows me to check if they are carrying a teleport to quickly defend a tower. I’m trying to get better on my meta-game.

Legion – (C,10) Another common spot to ward when pushing the top lane.

HB – (L,7) Always a great spot to ward if you are Legion, and you are trying to defend a push on the 2nd middle tower.

Mid game: Pushing 1st middle tower

I personally like to ward pretty close to the middle tower. Now, you might be asking yourself “What purpose does a ward near a tower server?”. I like to see what’s happening at their tower. The ward’s purpose is to see if anyone is teleporting to quickly defend the tower, or if someone has popped a health potion to heal up before defending the push. It allows your team to better judge the window of opportunity to execute the proper push.

Legion – (G,9)

HB – (I,9)

Either of these spots are a good place to ward wether or not what faction you are on.

I WOULD like to talk about counter-warding, but I’m not that good at it. If anyone has anything to say about that topic please comment. Stay tuned for more!

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Match Remaking

Well we’ve all been there before when you get the one person in the group to either disconnect right at the beginning or even at the picking phase and never come back. I know some peoples’ game clients get crash reports right when they connect to a game. A lot of the time they can’t get back in the game fast enough to pick their hero so they random. On a side rant, I think S2 games should make something like a pause feature in the game lobby or give better insight on how to fix the crash reports. You can attempt to pause and see if he or she will come back OR just go straight for the remake. I figure if you were trying to remake, there are various outcomes that can occur.

Team asks “why?”

Now this always kind of confused me, for a number of reasons. One reason is how the hell do you know if they’re telling the truth? Making the question itself mundane. I personally can’t tell if someone is telling the truth over a video game. Another reason why it confuses me is the fact that what reason to remake a match is a good enough reason to remake one? I know there aren’t “standards” out there for reasons to remake a match, but also each player has their own different beliefs as to why a match should be remade.

The team declines

Now this outcome isn’t unusual when it comes to remaking a match. Some players might have remade the past 3 games, and they don’t want to waste any more time searching for a game. I think that reason is understandable, I wouldn’t want to waste any more of my time searching for a match when I could be doing other things.

The match is remade instantly

I’ve seen this case more often than not, I really think it has to deal with what everyone body else is doing. Once three or more people start voting thumbs up the rest will follow. I usually will either remake or wait a little bit to see what everybody else is doing. For the most part, I think it’s just easier to just get it over with and remake it, than having to listen to the other team complain.

If the scenario arises where someone on the opposing team is disconnected, I will NOT pass the vote if they instantly try to remake it without a pause or two first. I think it may save time (depending on the length of the pause) to just pause the game, and simply wait to see if the player will reconnect.

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Big Red Barn Wedding

Over the past weekend,I spent some time at my grandparents house in Angola, Indiana. I spent several summers there growing up, and working at my grandpa’s ice cream shop “Scoops Ice Cream”. It’s a great area to spend the weekend if you’re trying to get away from the hustle and bustle of life. The stars light up the night sky, and glisten off of the calm waters of the lake.

On Saturday, I attended a wedding of a Scoop’s Ice Cream former employee. Since it was in Indiana, & knowing this was going to be an interesting experience to say the least, I had no idea what I was in for…

Grocery Auction

My grandparents and I first arrived to the reception a little early, so we got to scope out the place first. It was held at a place called “Buck Lake Ranch”, which apparently has a lot of history behind it. Naturally, I was very excited to take this in as a new learning experience! I found out that many performers from Johnny Cash to Elvis Presley had performed at the ranch.

The concert stage

Click on the picture for video of Buck Lake Ranch!

First we saw a grocery auction take place in one of the barns. It was my first grocery auction, and I was baffled at what actually takes place at one of them…They actually auctioned off grocery items that you would find in any Wal-Mart. People would walk away with boxes of GoldFish, and brownie mix for a fraction of the shelf price! I was amazed that people actually came out to “hustle” grocery items.

The Reception

The reception was held in “The Big Red Barn”, and yes that’s the name of the building. At first, I was kind of shocked because I’ve never been to a wedding reception that was held in a barn before. Regardless of the location, the wedding was very well put together with a warm feeling. Even with a crowd of 250+ people, it seemed like everyone knew everyone or at least met them once or twice before. The inside was very decorative, especially the center pieces which were basically fallen twigs from trees spray painted a sparkly silver color, with ornaments hanging from them.

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A look at Monarch…

Click Image for Spotlight Video!

After watching the video last night in between matches, I got to watch the newest intel support hero in action! At a first glance she looks like a very fun primarily “situational dependent” ranged caster. I noticed a lot of her moves are like other characters, for instance her ultimate acts like Electrician’s cleansing shock, but is casted like Defiler’s death wave. Easily, a game changer if the player does not anticipate his or her team mates positioning.


This butterfly isn’t a beautiful gift from nature, it’s quite the opposite! As a person who strictly plays support about 80% of games, I cannot wait to play her, because of her single-target support moves. Lets talk about her ultimate shall we! From what I can tell the HoT (Healing over Time), heals about as fast as Martyr’s ultimate, but is a lot better in group fights, because you don’t risk losing your life in the process, just your mana. For all of you that are going to say “WTF? Is this kid talking about, her ultee is NOTHING like Martyrs” I know it’s not the same, I was simply describing how fast the heal ticks.


Like most intelligence heros, she is going to be squishy and very vulnerable when in a lane alone. Since she doesn’t have any sort of stun, it will be tough to escape most ganks. Personally I’d suggest trying to get a astrolabe or a ToC for mid game items. I would always try to stay with hero that has a slow, so you can take advantage of her spore spray combo.

Now, remember kids…!

IMO, the key behind any good support player is to build core stats, and always ward, ward, & finally yes WARD! The reason I like to play support heros is first off no one really likes to play them, because they don’t get kills… (If you’re a scrub!). But also because most support heros are not heavily item dependent, your team contribution is mainly skill set dependent.

Now get out there and get your P1|\/|P Slayer on!

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