A look at Monarch…

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After watching the video last night in between matches, I got to watch the newest intel support hero in action! At a first glance she looks like a very fun primarily “situational dependent” ranged caster. I noticed a lot of her moves are like other characters, for instance her ultimate acts like Electrician’s cleansing shock, but is casted like Defiler’s death wave. Easily, a game changer if the player does not anticipate his or her team mates positioning.


This butterfly isn’t a beautiful gift from nature, it’s quite the opposite! As a person who strictly plays support about 80% of games, I cannot wait to play her, because of her single-target support moves. Lets talk about her ultimate shall we! From what I can tell the HoT (Healing over Time), heals about as fast as Martyr’s ultimate, but is a lot better in group fights, because you don’t risk losing your life in the process, just your mana. For all of you that are going to say “WTF? Is this kid talking about, her ultee is NOTHING like Martyrs” I know it’s not the same, I was simply describing how fast the heal ticks.


Like most intelligence heros, she is going to be squishy and very vulnerable when in a lane alone. Since she doesn’t have any sort of stun, it will be tough to escape most ganks. Personally I’d suggest trying to get a astrolabe or a ToC for mid game items. I would always try to stay with hero that has a slow, so you can take advantage of her spore spray combo.

Now, remember kids…!

IMO, the key behind any good support player is to build core stats, and always ward, ward, & finally yes WARD! The reason I like to play support heros is first off no one really likes to play them, because they don’t get kills… (If you’re a scrub!). But also because most support heros are not heavily item dependent, your team contribution is mainly skill set dependent.

Now get out there and get your P1|\/|P Slayer on!


About Zach Mance

Hello, my name is Zach Mance. I'm the eldest of four, also 20 year old undergraduate studying computer science. I am currently pursuing my 2 year associates degree in the Chicago Area. My hobbies include longboarding, pc computer games, and wrenching on my car. I am very open to new activities and new people. I love to learn new things every day.
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4 Responses to A look at Monarch…

  1. SmurfinBird says:

    I like your tone of your blog. It’s has a positivity about it, and shows your passion. You should bare in mind that the last section seems out of place – you’re telling others how to play a game. It’s not that important for those that would read this style of blog.

    I myself would be more interested in a technical blog, but this seems to be geared toward a target audience of those interested in the aesthetics and gameplay feel, thus, I shall say my goodbyes.

    Good luck on your blog.

    • Zach Mance says:

      Thank you for commenting on my first post, and yes I do agree with you that the last paragraph was a little out of place. I’d like to stick to a same tasteful tone throughout one post. I guess I could also change it up from post to post. Again, thank you for the comment and I hope you subscribe for further posts!


      • SmurfinBird says:

        No problemo. Just felt it was very heavy on advice whereas the rest was your feelings toward the hero. Try and get to grips with your audience and then think about how to talk to their skill level in HoN.

        Obviously, aiming it at higher tier’d players than yourself would cause you to sound a little unknowing at times, whereas the lower brackets you should be careful about talking down to.

        It’d be good to read this sort of thing for me either way though, fresh content is very welcome ! The community needs more of this.

        This is my HoN account name atm btw.

      • Zach Mance says:

        Yeah, it was heavy on advice towards the end, I didn’t realize that until now. I also don’t want to sound to cocky talking about certain areas of play that I’m not extremely familiar with, and were most higher bracket players may disagree with a lot of my advice. I certainly wouldn’t want that. I also don’t want to talk down to lower brackets either.

        I guess I need to keep a main focus on my next post, I was thinking about talking about different items that seemed to be neglected during gameplay and why that happens.

        I’d love to give advice or a DIY on how to play certain support heroes, but I don’t think it would be appropriate with my skill level I guess.

        i will totally add you too! Thanks again for the constructive criticism.

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