Big Red Barn Wedding

Over the past weekend,I spent some time at my grandparents house in Angola, Indiana. I spent several summers there growing up, and working at my grandpa’s ice cream shop “Scoops Ice Cream”. It’s a great area to spend the weekend if you’re trying to get away from the hustle and bustle of life. The stars light up the night sky, and glisten off of the calm waters of the lake.

On Saturday, I attended a wedding of a Scoop’s Ice Cream former employee. Since it was in Indiana, & knowing this was going to be an interesting experience to say the least, I had no idea what I was in for…

Grocery Auction

My grandparents and I first arrived to the reception a little early, so we got to scope out the place first. It was held at a place called “Buck Lake Ranch”, which apparently has a lot of history behind it. Naturally, I was very excited to take this in as a new learning experience! I found out that many performers from Johnny Cash to Elvis Presley had performed at the ranch.

The concert stage

Click on the picture for video of Buck Lake Ranch!

First we saw a grocery auction take place in one of the barns. It was my first grocery auction, and I was baffled at what actually takes place at one of them…They actually auctioned off grocery items that you would find in any Wal-Mart. People would walk away with boxes of GoldFish, and brownie mix for a fraction of the shelf price! I was amazed that people actually came out to “hustle” grocery items.

The Reception

The reception was held in “The Big Red Barn”, and yes that’s the name of the building. At first, I was kind of shocked because I’ve never been to a wedding reception that was held in a barn before. Regardless of the location, the wedding was very well put together with a warm feeling. Even with a crowd of 250+ people, it seemed like everyone knew everyone or at least met them once or twice before. The inside was very decorative, especially the center pieces which were basically fallen twigs from trees spray painted a sparkly silver color, with ornaments hanging from them.


About Zach Mance

Hello, my name is Zach Mance. I'm the eldest of four, also 20 year old undergraduate studying computer science. I am currently pursuing my 2 year associates degree in the Chicago Area. My hobbies include longboarding, pc computer games, and wrenching on my car. I am very open to new activities and new people. I love to learn new things every day.
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