Eye see you!

Planting wards can drastically change the game’s flow. The question that plays in my head when in a match is “At what point in the match is an appropriate spot to put down a ward that will maximize it’s effect?” This topic is one that I’ve been wanting to discuss for a long time, because anyone can lay a ward at any spot they’d like to.

Before I get into my post, I’d like to say that this is merely a topic that I would like to have a discussion about. My goal is to receive feedback from others warding techniques, and how they work for them. I’m only going to talk about my favorite ward spots and my reasons behind them. Please feel free to comment to share yours (make sure to reference the grid that I made!).

For now, lets assume I’m not laning middle.

Early game laning phase

If one of my team members is going to solo in our “jungle” side lane, I like to place a ward in a spot where it will protect them from a gank. If the either runes have been warded by the 2 minute mark, I will wait till mid turns level 6 to plant the ward.

Legion – (K,14) Grants vision of the rune, and prevents getting ganked from one of the enemies going around the trees. This spot is a common spot to ward.

HB – (D,6)
Mid game: Ganking phase

If they have a jungler, I like to shut them down as fast as possible (like most HoN players would). I’m a big fan of placing wards all over their forest. Not only does it allow my team to properly execute a gank in the forest, but it lets me know how hard they’re farming. Also it allows me to check if they are carrying a teleport to quickly defend a tower. I’m trying to get better on my meta-game.

Legion – (C,10) Another common spot to ward when pushing the top lane.

HB – (L,7) Always a great spot to ward if you are Legion, and you are trying to defend a push on the 2nd middle tower.

Mid game: Pushing 1st middle tower

I personally like to ward pretty close to the middle tower. Now, you might be asking yourself “What purpose does a ward near a tower server?”. I like to see what’s happening at their tower. The ward’s purpose is to see if anyone is teleporting to quickly defend the tower, or if someone has popped a health potion to heal up before defending the push. It allows your team to better judge the window of opportunity to execute the proper push.

Legion – (G,9)

HB – (I,9)

Either of these spots are a good place to ward wether or not what faction you are on.

I WOULD like to talk about counter-warding, but I’m not that good at it. If anyone has anything to say about that topic please comment. Stay tuned for more!


About Zach Mance

Hello, my name is Zach Mance. I'm the eldest of four, also 20 year old undergraduate studying computer science. I am currently pursuing my 2 year associates degree in the Chicago Area. My hobbies include longboarding, pc computer games, and wrenching on my car. I am very open to new activities and new people. I love to learn new things every day.
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3 Responses to Eye see you!

  1. eanryo says:

    I have no idea what Heroes of Newerth is beyond a PC game. It sounds a lot like League of Legends. Is it more or less the same, or what?

    • Zach Mance says:

      It is very much the same concept, the only known difference to me is you can not deny creeps in LoL. In HoN you can deny creeps which lowers the experience gain and denies the chance to earn gold from executing a creep kill. The graphics are a little different, and the jungle area where the NPC or neutral creeps are is different as well. I haven’t played LoL in a long time, but when you kill neutrals in HoN you don’t get a buff like you do in LoL.

  2. eanryo says:

    Hmmm…Okay. I don’t play, but I know a lot from watching my bf and his friends play at 4 in the morning…

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